John Cale




Singer-Songwriter (male)


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Paris 1919 1973 Track-Preview bei 7digital
Fear 1974 Track-Preview bei qobuz
Music for a New Society 1982 If the approach to the material is a good bit different than what most fans had been used to from Cale, the results were, if anything, among the most compelling music of his career; the open spaces of the arrangements are at once ambient and melodically compelling, and the songs have an emotional resonance that communicates on a deeper and more emotional level than the political hectoring of Sabotage or Honi Soit, intelligent as they may have been. Spare, understated, and perhaps a masterpiece. (
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Live at Rockpalast 2010 recorded 1983&1984 Disc 1: 1984-10-14 Grugahalle, Essen John Cale: guitar, piano, vocals Andy Heermans: bass David Lichtenstein: drums David Young: guitar Disc 2: 1983-03-06 Zeche, Bochum John Cale: guitar, piano, vocals
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03/12/1996 Luxemburg (Den Atelier) Luxembourg 5.0
21/10/2012 Esch (Rockhal) Luxembourg 3.5